Rob Ford: Toronto's Crack Smoking Mayor Seeks Reelection

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Is he smoking crack...again? Despite repeated calls for him to step down from office, Toronto mayor Rob Ford was the first candidate to show up at City Hall on Thursday to register for reelection. The mayor is asking Toronto to vote for him in the city's municipal election on October 27th.

"Ford more years," he declared. He then referred to himself as the "best mayor" Toronto has ever had. "I'm sticking to my record, and talk is cheap. You're going to see action like you've never seen before." he added. Yes, this is the same crack smoking, foul mouthed, erratic Canadian politician named Rob Ford we're talkin' about here. Maybe the mayor was just in another one of his "drunken stupors".

Well, Ford did maintain all along that he would seek reelection and on Thursday morning he showed up to the state building to file his paperwork.

In May of last year video footage surfaced of the mayor smoking what appeared to be a crack pipe and spewing out a series of curses and racial slurs.  The video embarrassed many Canadians and Ford eventually confessed to smoking crack, using marijuana and abusing alcohol. One of Ford's gang member associates also snitched on him, confirming that Ford is in fact a crackhead and a heroin user and he had pictures to prove it. Ford does however maintain that he is not an addict and is perfectly capable of executing his job as the mayor of the largest city in Canada.

Despite his belief in his ability to carry out his job, the Toronto City Council stripped him of most of his powers, though he continues to receive support from more conservative voters.

Would you vote for Rob Ford? We can only wait to see how Toronto votes in October.

Watch Rob Ford In Some Of His Finer Moments

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