Rob Ford Curses In Drunken Jamaican Jibber Jabber

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He's done it again! Just when we thought Toronto Mayor Rob Ford  was done with drinking, there's a new video showing the mayor in another one of his drunken stupors. In the video, the intoxicated mayor is heard using words that are offensive or profane -- in Jamaican patois.

Although the video is generally incoherent and some of his words sound like gibberish, Jamaican words such as "bumbaclot" and "rassclot" are heard and experts are weighing in on their context.

Jamaican speaking Canadians familiar with Jamaican dialect say the words are extremely profane when used in the right context. According to the experts, the words are offensive in most situations in Jamaica and in general is viewed as low-class.

It is difficult to pin down specific words in the video, which was made in a northwest Toronto restaurant Monday night. Bob Arthurs, a retired teacher, says the words are common slang words in Jamaica just like the F-word. "If you met someone on the street you didn't know and you said, "you're a bumbaclot, that could be a very trying situation for you," said Arthurs.

Another Jamaican-Canadian, York University professor, Clive Forrester said the words are simply curse words, “not suitable for use in polite company or in the presence of children, and performers have been fined in the past for using the words on stage," Forrester noted.

Ford did admit that he had been drinking, breaking vows he made weeks ago that he had given up drinking. The controversy stricken mayor contradicted his “most loyal brother” Councillor Doug Ford. The Councillor claimed that the video was an old one which was probably taken before the mayor declared that he would stop drinking -- the video was taken less than a week ago.

Many of Ford's colleagues were not fooled by his assertion that he would quit drinking. The city’s only black councilor, Michael Thompson, said many of his fellow councilors did not believe the mayor had changed for good.

"I think we all had sort of concluded it was only a matter of time," Thompson said.

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