Road Rage Murderer May Strike Again: FBI Joins Hunt


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Police said on Friday that they do not believe last weekend’s road rage shootings in Pennsylvania are related to similar cases that took place in York County and Kentucky. However, as the murderer of 28-year-old Timothy Davidson is still at large, they are still looking for the suspect’s vehicle: a dark-colored Ford Ranger XLT with driver’s side damage.

Timothy Davidson was traveling back to his Maine home on I-81 last Saturday when an aggressive driver began accosting him from the described truck. Davison had called 911 numerous times as the driver followed him for a 13 to 15 mile stretch. Ultimately, the assailant ran him off the road, approached his car, and took his life via firearm.

Davison's uncle told CNN that the family just "wants justice before someone else gets hurt."

In fact, police do have reason to believe this shooter may victimize others if not apprehended soon. Thus, they are asking citizens and auto body repair shops to keep an eye out for any trucks matching the description and to contact authorities should they see it.

"How concerned are we that it'll happen again?" Pennsylvania State Police Capt. Steven Junkin posed this question during a news conference before saying, "We obviously have an individual out there who was so incensed that he continued to pursue Mr. Davison and took it to that next step. He murdered an individual for whatever slight that he perceived.” Junkin then added:

“Will this person do it again? We don't know. We don't want to take that chance."

If you have any information, please call Crime Stoppers at 800-472-8477 and Chambersburg State Police Barracks at 717-264-5161

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