Road Rage Murder In Pennsylvania May Be Connected To Shooting

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Police are calling the shooting death of a man in Pennsylvania a "road rage" murder, and believe it may be tied to another shooting on the state's roadways.

28-year old Timothy Davison was on his way home to Maine on Saturday when a driver in a dark Ford Ranger-style vehicle approached him on Interstate 81 and began driving aggressively, even chasing him. Davison called 911, but the other driver managed to ram Davison's car up onto a median before opening fire. Davison was shot multiple times.

While it's not been conclusively decided that the two cases are linked, police say the murder is very similar to a shooting incident that occurred just seven hours earlier in York County, Pennsylvania. The driver in that case told police that someone in a dark truck pulled up beside him and began shooting; he wasn't injured, but a bullet struck his head rest.

"Both investigations will be treated as being related until conclusive evidence proves otherwise," the Pennsylvania State Police said in a statement.

As for Davison's murder, investigators say they believe he was chosen at random.

"We have not found anything yet that would lead us to believe the victim and the suspect knew each other," Trooper Rob Hicks said in a statement, adding that a search is underway for a truck resembling the one described by Davison in the 911 call. "The suspect's truck should have some driver side damage to its door or front quarter panel," he said.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Chambersburg State Police Barracks at 717-264-5161.

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