Rita Ora Takes Her Relationship To The Next Level


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British singer Rita Ora is taking her relationship with disc jockey Calvin Harris to the next level.

According to a source, close to the couple, Harris reportedly asked Ora to move in with him over the holidays. It's no secret that the couple has had their struggles, due to the extensive amount of time they spend away from each other, but Harris felt that by having Ora living with him, they could make their relationship work indefinitely.

"Over Christmas, Calvin asked Rita to move into his Los Angeles home full-time so their work commitments don't lead to a break-up. He believes they can make their relationship last if they both fully commit to it," the source revealed to the Daily Star.

Ora didn't immediately move in with Harris, but instead took some time to think about whether it would be the right decision for their relationship.

"Rita took her time making the decision. It's a big step after all. But she does spend a lot of time in LA anyway and has friends there," the source continued. "So in the end she knew it was the right thing to do. Calvin was delighted when Rita told him the answer was yes."

Image via Twitter