Richie Sambora Replaced as Lead Guitarist


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As first reported by, Richie Sambora will be leaving the group Bon Jovi after spending 30 years as their lead guitarist.

The 54-year-old from New Jersey, has been with the group since they began in 1983. Since their start, the group has released 12 studio albums, three compilations, and two live albums. Not only that, but they have also sold more than 130 million records throughout the world and they have performed in over 50 countries!

Why the sudden change after 30 years? The answer: MONEY!

It is reported that Sambora was making $2 million a month, along with 20 percent of the profits obtained by the group. His replacement, Philip 'Phil X' Xenidis, is only be making $10,000 a month with no share of the profits. Sambora will still receive checks from the profits of the group, seeing as how he co-wrote most of the songs.

Sambora is not happy about the choice that has been made for him. "Richie wants to go back on stage - that's his first love. He's really upset over the news," a source says. Sambora left the tour earlier this year for "personal reasons", but now it seems as though he will not be returning.

A source told US Weekly: "There were a lot of well-documented problems, so this was the best decision for now."

Image via Twitter