Ric Flair: What Is His Future Role With The WWE?


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Ric Flair made another return to the ring. The 65-year-old, semi-retired WWE All-Star showed up on Monday Night Raw. What his role is moving forward remains to be seen, and why exactly he was at the event is still a bit of a mystery.

Geno Mrosko, a writer for Cageside Seats argues that, "Creatively, he (Flair) had no reason to be there."

At first, many speculators thought that Flair would pair up with The Miz on Monday night as some kind of mentor moving forward. However, that didn't happen.

Flair entered the ring with a suit and tie and proceeded to do some awkward flirting with Renee Young. The Nature Boy also got in a few classic quips that drew some laughs from fired up fans that never seem to tire of his banter. When talking about being in Richmond, Virginia, Flair said, "Good Lord have I had some fun in this city, just ask your mother's fathers."

Flair also used his ring time to offer up a prediction for the big main event this weekend, the Fatal 4 Way at Battleground. Much to the chagrin of the crowd, who were hoping that the Nature Boy would side with Roman Reigns, Flair instead decided to back John Cena.

Take a look at The Nature Boy's performance on Monday:

Mrosko didn't see the point of Flair's presence on Monday night, "From the WWE perspective, Flair still pops a rating when he returns, even when it's a surprise. This time they promoted it, possibly to combat at the Home Run Derby on ESPN that undoubtedly stole some viewers, and possibly as the final push to entice fans to subscribe to the WWE Network."

No doubt that The Nature Boy can still fire up a crowd, and he has some sweet dance moves. Even still, Flair remains a polarizing figure in professional wrestling, some fans are tired of his stale routine, while some fans can't seem to get enough.

What do you think? Still a fan of Flair or can you live without him?