Ric Flair Says Andre The Giant Once Drank 106 Beers


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Ric Flair and Andre The Giant are two names that are synonymous with wrestling. Both men were in their prime during the early 80s and had amazing wrestling careers.

While Ric Flair was best known for his charisma and technique in the ring, Andre was known for his strength and power and even though the men often wrestled each other, backstage they were good friends.

Flair recently recalled a time when he and Charlotte took Andre out after a show. AWA promoter Verne Gagne has asked Flair to drive Andre around and show him a good time. He said that they both witnessed Andre drink 106 beers in just five hours.

“One night in Charlotte I took him out,” Flair said. “And he drank 106 beers in five hours.”

There have been many rumors about Andre's incredible thirst and ability to consume huge quantities of alcohol. Another rumor says that while Andre was in London, he ran up a $40,000 tab at a bar. Of course, Andre was also known to be a very friendly and generous guy, so it's possible that he was treating everyone at the bar that night and not just himself.

Other rumors say that he drank 119 beers in a single 6 hour sitting, taking a bathroom break between each case, and that he drank 16 bottles of wine during a 4 hour bus ride.

Another rumor says that Andre drank 40 vodka tonics after a bartender did last call. Andre didn’t want to leave, so the bartender agreed to stay as long as he was drinking. He allegedly polished off his 40th vodka tonic at around 5 am.

Ric Flair is the kind of guy that likes to juice up his stories to make them more interesting, and he has been known to exaggerate on more than one occasion, but there's no denying that Andre was able to drink a lot more than a normal man.

Do you believe anyone could really drink that much?