Resogun Just Might Be The Geometry Wars Of The Next Generation


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When the Xbox 360 first launched, everybody had to get Geometry Wars. The simple twin-stick shooter from Bizarre Creations was addictive, challenging and looked better on an HD screen than pretty much anything else at the time. Sony and Housemarque responded to Geometry Wars with Super Stardust HD on the PS3, but it's next title for the PS4 may be the title that finally feels like a next-gen Geometry Wars.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog today, Sony and Housemarque shared some of the details behind PS4 launch title Resogun. It's a twin-stick horizontal shooter in a world composed entirely of voxels, or little geometric squares. The team says building a world out of nothing but squares was quite a challenge, but they're happy with the end results.

You can check out a behind the scenes video below:

In the same blog post, we're treated to a second trailer that shows off the worlds that you'll see in Resogun. The team says that all the worlds are based off of Greek and Roman mythology and take design cues from the stories of which they're based on.

Resogun will be available on the PS4 on November 15. It will be a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

[Image: PlayStation Blog]