Report: Google Now Pursuing Groupon Rivals


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When turned down for a job or a date, the average person doesn't give up on either the idea of employment or a relationship.  He or she just tries again, perhaps with lower standards.  And similarly, after being rejected by Groupon, Google's now supposed to be on the hunt again, looking to acquire another company in the same space.

Josh Kosman reported early this morning, "Google, whose $6 billion buyout offer was spurned by online coupon site Groupon, is in talks with much smaller rivals of the two-year-old firm, a source close to the situation told The Post."

Later, Kosman noted, "LivingSocial, with a $1 billion valuation, is the second-largest coupon site. New York's BuyWithMe, the third- or fourth-biggest player in the space, may also be on Google's short list, though it has only $20 million in revenue."

There's no telling when more public negotiations will occur.  Even under normal circumstances, companies like to keep these things quiet, and following the Groupon awkwardness, Google's sure to want some privacy.  Having everyone watch it fail to make another deal - and/or remind targets that it already put $6 billion on the table - won't help the company's position, after all.

GoogleWe'll see what happens.  If Google buys some tiny Groupon competitor, the development should benefit consumers, at least.  The search giant would likely choose to broker and/or create extra-attractive bargains in an attempt to build up a large user base.