Replacement Google Can't Get Anything Right Either

Josh WolfordSearch

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Now that they've already tainted the 2012-13 season by allowing this replacement ref farce to continue, the NFL has moved on to other important players in our lives. Yep, it looks like they've taken control of Google.

And what do you know - a labor dispute has forced the original search algorithms out of work. But do not fear, the NFL is prepared to make do with the replacements.

And thus, Replacement Google is born.

Over at Replacement Google, the new search engine run by search algorithms in way over their heads, even the simplest of searches are twisted to the point of being unrecognizable. Wanted to search for cat videos? Sorry, the best it can do is results on the 22nd President of the United States (Grover Cleveland, if you were wondering). Did you want to search Harry Potter? Too bad, you're getting Honey Boo Boo. What if we searched for "interception?" Well, we'll learn about Cadbury eggs with alternate color insides instead.


...turns into this:

Not even close, Replacement Google!

You've made your point, Erik Johnson. We can only hope that nothing else in our lives falls under the control of replacement anything.

[via UPROXX]
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