Rejected "Game Over" Screens From Classic Games


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What is it about the mocking tone of the "Game Over" screen that makes you want to keep playing? Ever sense that stupid dog from Duck Hunt popped up to laugh at you everytime you missed a duck, we have all had this instant reaction to get mad and start the game over. We all know we died/lost why do the developers have to rub it in our faces every time it happens?

This set of images from Sally Forth writer, Francesco Marciuliano, explores what would happen if video game developers openly mocked you every time you lost. That's right, the writer of Sally Forth is actually pretty funny, and as it turns out, he loves the internet. He is also a contributing writer for The Onion and can often be seen on chat boards on The Washinton Post and Comic Curmudgeon blog.

And he created these gems, which he posted on Smosh. If his user profile is telling the truth, he also cured smallpox (by accident). So he's got that going for him...