Reeva Steenkamp's Family Expresses Disbelief over Oscar Pistorius Verdict

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The family of model Reeva Steenkamp is outraged that a South African judge did not find Oscar Pistorius guilty of murdering their daughter.

"Justice was not served," the family told NBC News on Friday.

Pistorius was released on bail Friday after he was convicted of culpable homicide rather than murder. The double-amputee track star is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

The 27-year-old has never denied shooting through the bathroom door of their house in South Africa on that fateful Valentine's Day last year, killing his 29-year-old girlfriend, Steenkamp. He has always maintained that he believed there was an intruder in the house.

"This verdict is not justice for Reeva," June Steenkamp told NBC News. ""I just don't feel like this is the right sentence ... they believe his story, and I don't believe that story ... I just want the truth."

Reeva's mother believes her daughter died a "horrible, painful, terrible" death and deserves far more than the verdict he received.

"He shot through the door and I can't believe that they believe it was an accident," she said.

The charge of culpable homicide, which is similar to negligent homicide in the United States, carries a minimum prison sentence of five years. However, Pistorius could be sentenced to house arrest and receive no jail time.

The Steenkamps told NBC News that, at this point, they don't care what happens to Pistorius during the sentencing phase of the trial.

"I really don't care what happens to Oscar," June Steenkamp said. "It's not going to change anything because my daughter is never coming back. He's still living and breathing and she's gone, you know, forever."

Pistorius' uncle also spoke out after the verdict, saying the family was relieved that he was convicted of a lesser charge, but that there were "no victors."

"It won't bring Reeva back, but our hearts still go out for her family and friends," he said.

Pam Wright