Reese Witherspoon Discusses Her Pregnancy at Chicago Event

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Reese Witherspoon, who, in my mind, will always be Vanessa Lutz from writer/director Matthew Bright's demented 1996 comedy "Freeway", hasn't been too forthcoming about her pregnancy. Since US Weekly broke the story last March, the "Just Like Heaven" star has kept details to a bare minimum. Considering the ravenous nature of most tabloids, I'm surprised she's managed to do so without losing her sanity in the process. Keeping secrets in Hollywood, especially when you're a high-profile actress, has got to the be equivalent of a full-time job.

However, during "An Evening With Reese Witherspoon", an event hosted by the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago on June 23rd, the beloved actress tossed out a few answers to questions regarding her third child. She openly admitted to reporters that she was "feeling a little round" that night, prompting a suggestion that she avoid some of the city's more famous culinary offerings, including their legendary deep-dish pizza.

"Maybe, but it's not easy. I'm always feeling like I'd like to eat everything in sight!" she joked.

This child marks her first with new husband Jim Toth. The baby is reported due this fall. Witherspoon, who was once married to "MacGruber" co-star Ryan Phillippe, has two other children from her previous marriage.

The actress has a number of films currently in production, including director Atom Egoyan's drama "Devil's Knot", filmmakers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski's Margaret Keane biopic "Big Eyes", and Bryan Buckley adaptation of John Gray's best-selling book "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus".

By the way: If you haven't seen "Freeway", do so immediately.