Redditors Photoshop the Hell out of Paul Ryan's Wikipedia Photo

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Redditor SiliconC noticed that presumptive Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan's Wikipedia page features a photo with an "absurdly high resolution" (2,046 × 2,557 pixels). They suggested that shop-happy redditors have a bit of fun with it. And boy, did they.

Just another example of how the internet has changed U.S. politics, I guess.

First their submission, "Little Face Paul":


"Lazy Eye Ryan":


No title, courtesy photo:


"Elton Ryan":


No words. Have fun sleeping tonight. Courtesy user eylyana:


"All lip Ryan":


There's plenty more where those came from, as the thread is over 2000 comments long. I truly hope this becomes a series - ObamaShop, RomneyShop, and BidenShop. Only in America, folks.

Josh Wolford

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