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Even if you're only going by Alexa's numbers, it's clear is a huge site that garners a ton of traffic on a daily basis. Just consider the impact Reddit had on the Karen Klein donations, reddit's ability gather a large audience, one that will mobilize for causes deemed worthy, is undeniable. However, just how big is reddit, and, more to the point, its subreddits, the method reddit uses to organizes its many categories?

How much traffic do these popular subdomains get? Thanks to some recently-released traffic information, we have a much better grasp of just how popular some of these reddit categories really are.

While the information doesn't include every subreddit available, reddit's stats focus on some of the more popular categories like the /r/funny subreddit, for instance. As you might imagine, /r/funny is one of the most popular reddit categories, and its traffic numbers reflect that:

Reddit Traffic

All those charts and table reveal one unmistakable fact: the /r/funny sub is an incredibly popular Internet destination. If you don't want to parse all of that, here's some of the important stuff:

  • /r/funny gets over 5 million impressions on a daily basis
  • Monthly unique visits vary between under 2 million to almost 8 million
  • 609,308 unique visitors a day
  • At least 25,000 uniques an hour
  • Aside from these impressive numbers, /r/funny also had a one-day high of almost 9 million impressions (8,939,621). The lowest amount of impression traffic /r/funny has experienced in the parameters provided (May 11, 2012 until July 5, 2012) is 1.5 million. That means a slow day, traffic-wise for /r/funny still gets almost 2 million impressions.

    It's OK to be jealous.

    When you compare /r/funny to some of the other subreddits, it's also clear /r/funny is one of the most popular. For instance, /r/pics gets around 3.3 million impressions daily, and /r/todayilearned receives just under 600,000 per day. On the lower end of the reddit subreddit totem pole is a category like /r/howto, which gets a little under 4600 impressions daily; although, over half of that is unique traffic which measures at 2600 per day. Clearly, a lot of first-time visitors are heading there trying to figure out how to make a pair of night vision glasses or "How to recreate a Bloody Omaha beach scene with just 3 people in 4 days..."

    While reddit did offer a revealing look at their traffic, it would be even more interesting if they included some of the popular adult-content subreddits that sport large subscription bases; something like /r/nsfw, which is obviously NSFW. Another area that would be interesting to learn about is /r/gaming, a subreddit that has only a slightly smaller subscription base than /r/funny does.

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