Reddit Demonstrates Power Of Social Media, Sends Pizza To Children's Hospital

Social Media

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For the uninitiated, Reddit may seem like a collection of video gaming porn freaks who like cat images, and while that's certainly a component of the site, it doesn't begin to encompass the entire Reddit population, a group that is referred to as "Redditors." There have been multiple documentations of the power of the Reddit collective in relation to Internet outcry, with the most notable probably being for the support they showed Karen Klein, otherwise known as the bus monitor who was bullied by the poorly-raised students she was responsible for.

Thankfully, the latest show of Reddit kindness doesn't involve someone being bullied, however, the cause for the latest outpouring is equally heartbreaking. What we have is the story of 2 year old Hazel, who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that involves long hospital stays as part of the treatment. To help lighten the mood, Hazel and her parents taped a sign to the window of her hospital room that said "Send Pizza Rm 4112." The image was posted at Reddit, you can see a cropped version leading this post and the full-sized image here.

Shortly after the image was posted, pizzas started showing up at Hazel's room, which caused her mom to post in the Reddit thread:

Hello Reddit Users! I am Hazel's mom and want to just say a HUGE thank you from all of us! We are so surprised by the outpouring of support and are so grateful! Thanks for all the pizza! We will post pictures soon!!

In fact, so many pizzas showed up, the mother had to post a follow-up saying in lieu of pizza, of which they were being inundated with, to send donations instead:

Hazel's mom here! Thank you all so much for the pizza! We have had at least 20 boxes and they are still coming. The 4th floor is stuffed! The hospital has asked that we stop the deliveries because it has gotten out of hand, but please know we are so grateful for the outpouring of support! If you would still like to help/donate, please go to our donation site at and click on Hazel!!! Thanks again!!!!

Over at the family blog, the mother wrote a warm, thankful post that also demonstrated the power of social media. The post also features additional pictures, complete with Hazel enjoying some delicious pizza, which is one of the most heartwarming things I've ever seen.

(H/t to Laughing Squid)