Red Lobster Shares New Menu Changes


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The chain seafood restaurant Red Lobster is making some changes to its menu, adding more options and more seafood.

The chain hasn’t been doing too well lately and in an effort to avoid closing, they have added more lobster dishes and seafood options to the menu and removed some less popular items.

You won’t find tortilla soup or wood-grilled pork chops on the menu anymore, but if you are a true seafood lover, you can rest assured you will get your fill with the new menu items.

They have added five new seafood dishes to the menu, and four of them include lobster.

The chain has also added a larger portion of shrimp to the popular “Ultimate Feast” platter. The restaurant did raise the price of the platter, but only an extra dollar.

The previous restaurant chain owners, Darden Restaurants Inc. were the ones who originally decided to add the non-seafood items to the menu.

They were hoping the items would appeal to people who do not necessarily like seafood or just wanted to try something different from the restaurant.

The change didn’t help and last year sales fell six percent for the chain. The new owners felt that adding non-seafood items was a mistake and decided to make the new menu all about seafood.

The new menu will be 85 percent seafood as opposed to the previous menu, which was only 75 percent seafood.

What is your favorite meal from Red Lobster and do you think the new menu changes will help save the restaurant chain?