Real-Time Search Engine Adds New Features


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Real-time search engine Wowd, has introduced a real-time tag cloud and a real-time streaming feature to its search service.

The real-time tag cloud is based on hot topics customized to an individual's search query. Wowd's "Hot Topics" tag cloud offers a slice of the most popular topics online, including blogs, news, and the most discussed topics on Twitter.

Users can personalize their own tag cloud by downloading Wowd's browser application or they can stick with a basic tag cloud based on the most popular pages people are visiting in real-time.

The company's new SearchStream feature continuously crawls the web looking for new information related to a user's search query. Results roll in automatically from across the web. SearchStream is also available by downloading Wowd's browser application.


Other real-time search engines include OneRiot, which was rumored to be in talks with Yahoo last year, CrowdEye and Collecta.

"These features highlight the best aspect of Wowd's real-time search: fortuitous discovery," said Mark Drummond, CEO, Wowd Inc.

"Wowd doesn't solely rely on tweets for real-time information. Our results are based on what the majority of people are interested in across the entire Web, at any given moment."