Real Life Portal, Google Maps Useless Contraption, and Tebowie


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A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, via social media, sharing sites, or good ‘ole email. Everyday we highlight some of the best that are currently viral and some that are trending that way.

Today’s videos feature a magical fire show, a too cute for life Corgi chasing a flash light, serious Go-Karting, and Home Alone gone wrong.

As a David Bowie fan I should probably be extremely offended, but it's so silly I can't help but laugh.

Sometimes you just need a mash-up to see how messed up certain movies are...Home Alone will never be the same.

If the real world had an actual Portal gun, here's how dudes would get use out of it...

When pyro-maniacs go to sleep, I think this is what they dream of. Some brave ladies there.

Fire Show from | production factory on Vimeo.

There's nothing quite as upsetting as people who don't know how to drive Go-Karts. If you're not going to take it seriously, GET OFF THE TRACK.

Quite possibly the most amazingly useless thing I've seen created, and of course it is brought to us by Google Maps.

I'll probably never be able to use this descriptor again, so here goes, this is hypnotically satisfying.

Where Did The Night Go' from Steffen K on Vimeo.

This is so adorably cute it feels like I should be listening to Tom Bergeron, or for the more old school, Bob Saget in the background.