'Ready to Run' Announced For PlayStation 4


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The PlayStation 4 may not have launched with many exclusive games, but in the past two months newly announced PS4 games have been popping up almost every week. This week already Kalypso Media announced that it will be porting its city-building simulator Tropico 5 to the PS4 sometime this year.

Today Sony and Ukrainian developer Beatshapers announced that a game called Ready to Run will hit the PS4 sometime in 2014. The game is being described as a "remote-controlled car racing game" with a "retro-futuristic" design.

Beatshapers is well-known on PlayStation 3 for its downloadable titles which include StarDrone Extreme and Jetpack Joyride. For Ready to Run the developer promises 15 futuristic-looking RC cars, "endless" track configurations, and multiple multiplayer modes.

A teaser for the game accompanied the announcement, though it seems Beatshapers missed the memo that dubstep in video game trailers is no longer a thing:

Ready to Run joins a growing slate of smaller downloadable titles that have been released or are coming for the PS4. Though these games are not the type of big-budget experiences that will sell consoles, they do indicate that there is significant developer interest in the PS4 - something that should encourage, Sony, PS4 owners, and the game industry as a whole.