Reactions to Miley Cyrus's Shocking Performance


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It's all over the news and seems to be on the tip of everyone's tongue...Miley Cyrus's shockingly sexual performance at this Sunday's MTV Video Music Award Show. From her rather risqué latex-looking outfit (can we even call that an outfit) to her gyrating hip thrusts with fellow musician, Robin Thicke, Cyrus really caused quite the reaction from viewers and one especially in particular.

Fans weren't the only ones who noticed Sunday's shocking performance. Former Disney Channel star, Selena Gomez seemed to notice the performance-and poke fun at it!

Monday, Aug. 26 Gomez was photographed in L.A., at the premier of her latest film, Getaway. Some might find interesting and rather coincidental is that in one of the photographs snapped, the Disney Channel star had her tongue crudely hanging out of her mouth-almost mirroring Cyrus's silly actions that made it's debut only one day prior.

The vulgar performance full of crotch-grabs, thrusts, and bent-over-booty-shaking didn't seem to appall Gomez as the MTV audience of her and Taylor Swift singing merrily along with Cyrus's song, "We Can't Stop."

However, at one point in the performance, the audience camera's did catch a shot of Gomez and Swift-and the duo wasn't singing. The girls were staring, almost bug-eyed at the 20-year-old's provocative performance. And it seems the Gomez and Swift weren't the only ones who couldn't believe their eyes.

Twitter reactions were about the same to the audience camera shots.

What did you think of Cyrus's performance with Robin Thicke? Too much, or was she just being the bad-girl performer that all the young starlets seem to be morphing into?

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