Steve Jobs vs. Kim Jong-il: Ranking The Famous Deaths of 2011

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While most of us come and leave this world with little fanfare, there are those among us whose passing, especially if untimely, captures hearts and headlines around the world. The death of a celebrity, or prominent public figure, just does something to people. A death can stir up fond memories, extreme hatred, or obsessive curiosity.

Rank the famous deaths of 2011.

Every year we're shocked by some of the deaths we read about, and 2011 was no different. This year we saw the deaths of Steve Jobs, Osama bin Laden, Kim Jong-il, Andy Rooney, Jack Kevorkian, Betty Ford, Heavy D, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Amy Winehouse, Joe Frazier, among others.

If someone was to ask you to name the top 10 famous deaths of 2011… could you do it? It's tougher than you might imagine.

With this in mind, has released a poll where you can rank the famous deaths of 2011. To contribute, you simply have to drag and drop the images in order 1-10.

Once you've made your selections just hit submit and you'll be taking to a page that shows your top 10 famous deaths of 2011. You can also share your top 10 via Facebook. Please note that you must be logged into Facebook in order to save your votes, this is so we can assure that everyone only casts one top 10 list.

FamousDead will close submissions during the first week of 2012, and will also reveal the top 10 deaths of 2011.

Note: This poll was created by, a website owned by iEntry, which also publishes WebProNews.