Rambo: The Video Game On-Rails FPS Announced


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Not since the 80s have gamers been able to step into the shoes of the iconic John Rambo. Even then, the 1985 Commodore 64 game Rambo and Rambo for the NES did not inspire the same type of reverence Sylvester Stallone's movie character did. Now, with decades of the video game industry filled with the type of stealth and over-the-top shooter experiences that seem perfect for the Rambo character, one publisher is finally taking a chance on the franchise.

Reef Entertainment this week released a first look trailer for the upcoming Rambo: The Video Game. It seems the game will be a "fixed perspective" first-person shooter, meaning it will be on rails similar to arcade games such as The House of the Dead or Area 51. Unfortunately, the visuals seem to match the archaic game design:

The game is based on the first three Rambo movies - First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Rambo III. Reef promises "shoot-outs, stealth killings, demolition, knife-play, and more," though the trailer doesn't adequately show how these will fit into gameplay. Regardless of its quality, Rambo: The Video Game will be headed to both consoles and PC sometime this winter.