Rajon Rondo Tweets About Possible Return


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If you've been wondering exactly how long Rajon Rondo has been out due to injury, he's already taken care of that for you.

In a recent tweet, the Boston Celtics point guard calculated the seconds from when he underwent ACL surgery on Feb. 13, 2013, to his anticipated return, which is rumored to be this Friday against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Without writing anything else, Rondo tweeted 29,233,380, which equates to 338 days, thanks to the handy mathematics of Boston sports writer Chris Forsberg, who saved a lot of us from pulling out our calculators.

Since Rondo's injury, a lot has happened with the Celtics organization. Doc Rivers headed West and took a head coaching job with the Los Angeles Clippers. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce left Boston for Brooklyn, and the Celtics as a whole went from serious playoff contenders to a team just trying to muster up a few consecutive wins.

But Rondo says all he can do is support his teammates during this tough transition and try to be the same person on the bench that he is on the floor--a team leader. "Just trying to keep guys confident and positive," he said in an interview with The Boston Globe. "Just keep being a vocal leader out there, what I can do from the sideline."

So is Rondo worried about the Celtics not playing well as of late? Not at all he says, because losing is really nothing new to him, considering his team lost 18 games in a row during his rookie season. "I've been through 18 of this," he said, recalling the painful 2006-2007 season.

But Friday could be the start of a whole new beginning for the green and white, as its offense has been in complete disarray without Rondo's coach-on-the-floor style of play, so undoubtedly the Celtics will be a better team as soon as number 9 steps on the court, and that's whether he has a lot of points and assists or not.

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