Rainbow Moon JRPG Coming To PSN On July 10th


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One of the biggest gripes this generation of consoles across the board is the complete lack of JRPGs (Japanese role playing games ala Final Fantasy). The Playstation 2 had tons of them, Nintendo was known for them for years, but it seems that people have lost their thirst for a good grind fest like the Tales games or Final Fantasy 6.

EastAsiaSoft is trying to give us what we have all been clamoring for. If the name of the studio sounds familiar, it is because they are the ones who made the Soldner X games. Rainbow Moon will be a PSN game that at this time will not have a Vita version. I know, why? The Vita is still unproven as a revenue stream and until it gets a larger following, stuff like this will happen.

The game features classic turn based combat with fairly stunning visuals. Check out the trailer below for the art style and awesome theme

The game is being released on July 10th on the PSN and will go for $14.99 which will not be bad. If you are a PS Plus subscriber you will get the game for $11.99 for the first 2 weeks.