Radiohead to Perform King of Limbs on TV

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Well, kind of, anyway. Radiohead, the band that is single-handedly trying to change the way business is conducted in the music industry, will be performing their new album, King of Limbs on Nigel Godrich's In The Basement. Because In The Basement is a web broadcast, the rights to Radiohead's performance were needed before the broadcast was announced.

The studio-live performance will be broadcast by the BCC, which revealed its intentions at the BBC Worldwide website. According to their statement, the performance will be available to broadcasters in June, but is embargoed until July, 1st. As indicated, Radiohead's performance will be courtesy of the In The Basement series, a web-only program that has featured such artists as The White Stripes, Gnarls Barkley, Beck, and P.J. Harvey.

As for the Radiohead portion, the King of Limbs performance will be a live, in-studio performance, lasting for 55 minutes. The performance will be filmed in hi-definition, and is expected to be broadcast around the world. Of the partnership, the BBC offers:

Salim Mukaddam, VP Music Television at BBC Worldwide said, "It is a real honour to be working with Radiohead on this project. Radiohead are a band that rarely performs for television, but when they do, it's a moment to savour. There is already huge anticipation for this performance and we're delighted that they've decided to work with us at BBC Worldwide, confirming our position as market leaders in Music Television. As a fan I cannot wait to see these beautiful songs brought to life in this programme."

As for Radiohead, it's not their first time performing for In The Basement. There is, of course, video of their 2009 set:

The fact that the entire 43 minutes are available on one video has be considered a bonus, especially when you see how something like Bitches Brew is broken up into multiple offerings.