Rachel Bradshaw: Was Husband Rob Bironas' Death Caused By Road Rage?

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As the daughter of NFL legend Terry Bradshaw, Rachel Bradshaw seemed to have come full circle with her marriage to Rob Bironas earlier this year. However, the nightmare of the sudden death of the former Tennessee Titans kicker began for Bradshaw on Saturday night when her husband slammed into a ditch at around 11 PM on September 20.

According to police records, Bradshaw didn’t know that Bironas had left their home in Nashville on Saturday night. Her husband had wished her good night at around 10:30 PM after watching a movie with Bradshaw and a female friend, she reportedly told a police officer. However, when Bradshaw went to check on her husband, he was not in his room. She consulted with relatives before calling the police and reporting him missing.

Metro Nashville Police said that Bradshaw’s husband had lost control of his vehicle on a curve less than a mile from his home on Saturday night. Several witnesses claimed that Bironas had tried to run them off the road on separate occasions. One woman who called police on Saturday night to report the crash supposedly handed the phone to another woman who claimed that the driver of the white SUV had tried to run her and her husband off the road.

Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said that Bironas, who was the driver of said white SUV, had swerved back and placed himself behind the couple, revving his engine threateningly. “Then the White SUV accelerated away at a high rate of speed. [The couple] paused a few moments, continued traveling on Battery Lane and came upon the crash,” Aaron added. Two students reported that Bironas had done the same thing to them earlier that night.

Bironas was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police reported no evidence of alcohol or drugs at the scene of the crash.

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