R.B.I. Baseball 14 Will Attempt To Fill The Gap Left By MLB 2K's Death


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Earlier this month, 2K Sports killed the only multi-platform baseball simulation game with the announcement that it would not renew its license with the MLB. Following the announcement, baseball fans who owned Xbox consoles were dismayed to learn that they would not be getting a baseball game in 2014 while PS3 and PS4 owners were getting Sony's MLB 14 The Show. Well, fret not anymore Xbox fans, you're getting a baseball game in 2014 as well.

The MLB announced this morning that it's reviving the classic R.B.I. Baseball franchise this year with R.B.I. Baseball 14. The franchise has not been seen in nearly 20 years, but the MLB apparently felt it was time to bring it back now that MLB 2K is out of the picture.

Unfortunately, we don't know a lot about R.B.I. Baseball 14 just yet. The announcement only says that MLBAM (Major League Baseball Advanced Media) is in charge of development and that it will be out on consoles and mobile this year. With MLBAM behind the title, it's safe to say that it will be more of a casual title instead of the simulation game that defines MLB The Show.

While it may be disappointing for baseball fans on Xbox, R.B.I. Baseball 14 will be the only baseball game they get this year. It looks like EA Sports is not interested in reviving its MVP Baseball franchise and nobody else has the money or development staff to try their hand at a baseball game.

So for now, Xbox fans can only wait to see if R.B.I. Baseball 14 gives them the baseball fix they need, or they can just go ahead and buy a PS3/PS4 for MLB 14 The Show.

Image via MLB