Quit Smoking- What Works For You?


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Trying to quit smoking can be a big challenge. Many people try and try again, but just have no luck. The problem is often the method that people use to try to quit. There are numerous tools, tricks and tips that can be used to help you quit smoking, but you may have to try a few out before you find the right one. Here are a few to consider.

E-cigarettes are one of the more popular methods that smokers use to quit. These electronic cigarettes allow smokers to feel like they are smoking, without actually inhaling tobacco. Many people have been able to use them to stop smoking successfully, but experts warn that although the electronic cigarettes may help with nicotine cravings, they don't help with the habit of smoking.

Gum And Patches
Nicotine gum and patches are an old school way to stop smoking. The gum and patches contain small doses of nicotine. Smokers can chew gum whenever they get a craving or wear a nicotine patch that releases nicotine into the body throughout the day. This can help smokers wean off of cigarettes, but many become addicted to the gum or patches instead.

Cold Turkey Quitting
While quitting cold turkey may be the hardest way to stop smoking, it is also the most effective. When smokers decide to quit cold turkey, it is important that they stay away from other smokers and anything that reminds them of smoking. Many are able to distract themselves from smoking with hobbies or tasks. More people quit smoking successfully using the cold turkey method than any other method.

If you haven't had any success with one method, try another until you find what works. These three examples are just a few of the many ways you can get help with your smoking addiction. There are also prescription pills, therapy, and even acupuncture. Stick with whatever works best for you and good luck!

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