Qualcomm Enters The Smart Watch Market In December


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Are smart watches going to be the next big thing? The general consensus is that we'll all be wearing a mini-computer on our wrists within five years, but don't expect a stellar performance out of the technology this holiday season. For those that do want a smart watch for the holidays, however, they now have one more option to choose from.

Qualcomm, the company whose CPUs are in nearly every smartphone on the planet, announced today that its new Toq Smartwatch is available for pre-order. The new smart watch will be shipping on December 2 and costs $349.99.

So, what sets Qualcomm's smart watch apart from the competing smart watches from Sony and Samsung? Like those devices, Qualcomm's smart watch is nothing without an Android device to tether to and pull information from. Unlike Samsung's Galaxy Gear, however, the Qualcomm Toq can connect to any Android device running Android 4.0.3 or above.

What really sets Qualcomm's smart watch apart from the competition is its use of the company's new Mirasol display technology. It provides a high-resolution anti-reflective display, but with up to six times the battery performance of a traditional LCD or LED display. According to Qualcomm, that means its Toq smartwatch can remain on for multiple days without charging. Even when it does have to charge though, each watch comes with a wireless charging station for hassle-free charging.

Even with the introduction of the Qualcomm Toq, smart watches are not going to be the must have tech item of this holiday season. It will be that luxury item that your rich uncle shows off at the holiday party. By this time next year, however, we'll hopefully have smart watches from Apple, HTC and Google, and they will come in multiple spec and price configurations. That may just be what sets the market on its path of expected meteoric growth.

[h/t: Engadget] [Image: Qualcomm]