Purdue University T.A. Shot, Suspect Jailed


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Purdue University students were shocked when a seemingly normal Tuesday was interrupted by an eruption of violence on campus. A 21 year old senior from West Bend, Wisconsin was shot and killed in the basement of the Electrical Engineering building around noon today. The victim was identified as Andrew Boldt, a teaching assistant for the university.

According to Campus Police Chief John Cox, the suspect in custody, Cody Cousins, was also a teaching assistant for the university. Both Cousins and Boldt worked within the Electrical Engineering program. Campus and West Lafayette police forces are working together to process the crime scene and investigate a motive for the shooting.

Although the incident seems to have been specifically targeted to Andrew Boldt, Purdue students were sent a text message warning to seek shelter in the moments following the shooting. Classes were cancelled for the remainder of the day, and will remain cancelled on Wednesday as well.

Following the trauma of a fatal shooting on campus, counselors are being made available for students, faculty, and staff to consult. Purdue Provost Tim Sands stated,"We'll provide whatever services we can to assist our students, our faculty and our staff in coming back to a sense of normality." Purdue has been utilizing social media outlets such as Twitter to keep their student body up to date on the situation.

In addition, the school hosted a candlelight vigil this evening at 8pm.

According to jail records discovered by The Chicago Tribune, Cousins will appear in a hearing on Wednesday at 2:30 pm.

Image via Wikimedia Commons