PS4 To Include HDMI-Enabled Video Capture


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While this isn't locked into a concrete-like state, it certainly appears as if the PlayStation 4 will support HDMI-enabled video capture, which means we will soon be getting an absolute avalanche of YouTube uploads from PS4 owners all over the globe. Make sure you click "Like" and "Subscribe" when the deluge hits. Regarding the capability, news of PS4 video capture has been rumored. Thanks to a tweet from the head of third-party relations at Sony Computer Entertainment, Brad Douglas, the rumor has turned into an outright announcement:

Knowing that video capture will be a thing with the PS4, it's not hard to see the implications of such technology. Tons and tons of gameplay videos on YouTube, along with untold terabytes of animated gifs taken from these PS4 videos. After Nintendo's infamous mishandling of YouTube gameplay videos, it's hard not to wonder what happens if a rigid publisher isn't keen on gameplay videos of their product showing on the Internet.

Considering Sony appears to be giving future PS4 owners the capability, will disgruntled publishers have a leg to stand on?

There's also the issue of owners using the feature to capture other content besides gameplay. Something like Blu-ray movie, for example. It's likely Sony will include some kind of DRM to prevent such attempts; but what happens when that DRM gets cracked? Firmware updates out the wazoo, that's what.

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