PS4 Horror Game Soma Gets New Trailer


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The PS4 is quickly becoming a console for survival-horror fans. Just last month, PC indie horror title Outlast launched on the console, and Daylight will be coming out in April. Next year, the guys who took indie horror mainstream will be bringing their game to the console.

Frictional Games, the team behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent, shared a new trailer for their next game - Soma - today. The sci-fi horror title is said to explore the idea of consciousness in a world that looks to be inspired somewhat by the likes of Alien and its ilk.

In its latest update, Frictional Games says that Soma is nearing alpha. They currently have 5 hours of playable content, but says the final game will be about 8 hours in length. The team also reveals that the game will not just be all hiding and running away. There will be puzzles to solve and notes to find as they make their way through the game. Of course, there won't be any combat so you will be running away from whatever dangers lurk in the world.

For more on Soma, check out this morning's PlayStation Blog post. The team has posted the five goals it hopes to accomplish in the development of Soma. If it nails this, we may have ourselves another modern horror classic on our hands.

Image via PlayStation/YouTube