PS Plus Instant Games For July Gets Detailed


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The Playstation Plus program was invented to both get some extra cash for Playstation, and to give the loyal followers a discount program. During E3 they announced a semi-revamp to the program that was going to feature 3 new games every month in a rotating format. The initial offering was amazing with 4 full PS3 games including LittleBig Planet 2, and Infamous 2 for free.

This months offerings aren't quite as good, but they are interesting to say the least. Included in the offerings are 3 new games. Gotham City Impostors which is a surprisingly good first person shooter set in the world of Batman. Pacman Championship Edition XD which is a highly addictive and highly stressful version of Pacman. And finally Renegade Ops is a vehicular based twin stick shooter that looks pretty good.

Of course there are 3 titles that dropped off of the list, but this weeks titles are pretty good to replace them. Also the PSN Summer sale is still going strong with some great offers on some great games like the brand new Rainbow Moon RPG.