Problem, Ariana Grande? Why Persistent Rumors Could Ruin Her Career


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Ariana Grande may be proving that they don’t build teen pop careers that crash and burn quite like they used to.

Once upon a time the young star was allowed to peak before "Operation: Tear Down" commenced.

Grande has had a sharp rise over the past year with two very successful albums. And yet already she may be on the way out as the 21-year-old singer finds herself dogged by diva rumors and accusations that she loathes her very own fans.

What’s hurting the singer’s image most is that some of the hardest hits are coming from people with nothing visibly to gain by calling her and her team out for their treatment of her fans.

It doesn’t help that multiple celebrities have called Ariana Grande to task for ugly behavior. A few years ago it was Alexander DeLeon via Twitter:

More recently it was Guiliana Rancic speaking out about Grande’s diva attitude.

As stories leak about her unreasonable demands and less than charming behavior, it forces the casual observer to ask a few questions.

First, where the HELL are her PR people?! Oh that’s right, the same people managing her career are in charge of keeping tabs on Justin Bieber.

Nothing more need be said about how well that’s gone over the past couple of years.

Next question: What is Grande herself doing to improve her image?

To be honest, not that much.

Grande may think that a badly typed dismissal and insistence that haters “love themselves” is enough to calm things down, but it simply isn’t. Not with all the bad press in recent weeks.

Not when famous and non-famous individuals all emerge with the same story: “Ariana Grande is an obnoxious two-faced diva”.

The only question that remains is whether or not this supposed revelation will permanently derail Grande’s career.

Unfortunately for the young singer, the answer to this burning question is that it’s highly possible.

Even though Grande is very talented, it doesn’t change the fact that if young people feel that you are an insincere individual to whom they can form no emotional connection, they won’t buy your music or go to your concerts.

If the backlash reaches her fan base, then Grande will be in serious trouble.

It would actually be smart of Grande to change her image up.

Moving on to a new sound and a more grown-up image could generate enough buzz to counteract the negative stories daily written about the “Problem” singer.