Priscilla Presley To Fans: "Calm Down" Over Planes

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Priscilla Presley is doing her best to keep Graceland running and to keep the memory and presence of Elvis Presley alive. Insane amounts of fans flock to Graceland in Memphis, TN every August for Elvis Week to remember The King and get an intimate look inside of his glamorous life.

However, some things may be changing for Graceland soon and Priscilla Presley has been taking some heat for those apparent possible changes.

These changes that Priscilla Presley is dealing with have to do with Elvis' two airplanes that he used, The Lisa Marie and The Hound Dog II.

Elvis Presley Enterprises informed the owners of the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II, OKC Partnership, to prepare to remove the planes when their agreement ends next April.

OKC Partnership bought the planes after Elvis died, and agreed later to keep them at Graceland. In return, they would get a share of ticket prices.

This announcement of the planes' removal is what set off die hard Elvis fans, some of whom went on to attack Priscilla Presley on Facebook for the actions.

While "negotiations" weren't really clear, Priscilla Presley does seem to be handling the running of Graceland like a good business woman and is doing a great job keeping his memory alive for fans, but some of those fans just don't like change.

Priscilla Presley responded to very harsh criticism about the planes' possible removal with class and even an announcement of some big things coming to Graceland. She insinuated that these big changes would be ready for Elvis Week, which isn't very far away.

During this whole fiasco, Priscilla Presley is dealing with Elvis Presley Enterprises and OKC Partnership being tangled up in a lawsuit filed in Shelby County Chancery Court over how tickets to the airplane exhibit are sold.

Hopefully this thing will be cleared up soon so that Priscilla Presley and all of his fans can enjoy Elvis week together in peace.

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