Priscilla Presley Says "Exciting Things" Coming To Graceland

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Priscilla Presley took to Facebook earlier this week to reassure fans that she's handling negotiations regarding two jets owned by her late husband, but she also dropped a hint about some big things happening at Graceland this summer.

Presley asked fans to "calm down" after it was reported that the two jets, Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II, might be removed from the property soon. They were sold after Elvis' death to OKC Partnership, who allowed them to be displayed at the singer's home, but their agreement ends in April. Presley says the company's press release was meant to stir up trouble.

"I’m reading what you are saying, but listen, the people who own the plane put the release out to intentionally upset everyone. We’re on top of it. Thank you for your trust in us. We will soon be putting out a release about some new and exciting things happening at Graceland. If you want to even hear more about it... come to Graceland in August. That way you will hear it and experience it first hand. I can't imagine you'll be disappointed," she wrote on Facebook.

It's not known at this time what sort of exciting things are planned for the home of the King, but it's sure to bring even more curious fans to Tennessee once it is announced. Thousands of visitors make the pilgrimage every year to get a glimpse at the place Elvis called home, with its grand white columns and the Hall of Gold, a long corridor lined with his many, many gold records.

Presley also set the record straight on the social media site about Elvis and his alleged favorite food, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. The actress and producer says the story has gotten blown way out of proportion from the truth.

"I have to set the record straight here on this on going amazement with Elvis liking this combination. Back when Elvis was growing up fried bananas and peanut butter sandwich was put on the table when money and food was scarce, which was often. This wasn't something he ate all the time. It was a late night snack or he'd get a craving, I have made it for him and yes... I liked it, very much," she said.

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