Prince Harry Trades Flight Suit for Business Suit


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Palace officials have confirmed that Prince Harry is, in fact, leaving his helicopter flying days behind him. Women worldwide mourned the loss as they realized that no more photos of the Prince looking hunky and debonair in his uniform would be forthcoming.

However, Captain Wales is not entirely leaving his army duties in the dust. He has quite enjoyed his role in the Armed Services, stating that "I find it very easy to completely forget about who I am when I’m in the army. Everyone’s wearing the same uniform and doing the same thing. All the officers get called sir and it is great fun. I get on great with the lads and I enjoy my job. It really is as simple as that.” He is simply shifting his focus to internal affairs, at the request of his aging Grandmother, the Queen. According to a statement from Kensington Palace,

‘Prince Harry has completed his attachment to 3 Regiment Army Air Corps and will now take up a Staff Officer role in HQ London District. The Prince will take the position of SO3 (Defence Engagement). His responsibilities will include helping to co-ordinate significant projects and commemorative events involving the Army in London. Prince Harry will retain the rank of Captain and be based from Horse Guards, in Central London.

The first "significant project" that the Prince is engaging in? Bringing the "Warrior Games" to London. After visiting the United States last year to support a British team competing in the Olympic like games for wounded soldiers, the Prince became keen on the idea of hosting the games in the Olympic stadium in London.


Thus far, he has the support of both his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, and his grandmother, the Queen. With such prominent supporters, it seems likely that the Warrior Games will be traveling to London within the year. However, the initiative has yet to be approved by the office of the Prime Minister or the Government.

According to The Evening Standard, “Prince Harry is passionate about this project. He believes it will be an amazing event that will bring the focus of attention on the problems facing those injured on the frontline and will serve to inspire servicemen and women and the wider public." As a serviceman himself, completing a five month deployment in Afghanistan, Prince Harry is particularly attuned to the needs of his fellow soldiers and seems committed to gaining them the recognition they deserve with his new post.

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