Prince Harry Gifted Booze from Australian Air Force

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Prince Harry spent a good part of 2013 traveling the world, visiting with leaders or wives of leaders or dignitaries of varying rank. During all of these stops the prince was gifted a variety of unique items as a thank you for his visit. Buckingham Palace recently released a list of the gifts the prince received, along with a notation about the gift givers in each case. Michelle Obama gave Harry a brown leather flying jacket--a thoughtful gift, and probably one the young prince will actually wear. Other U.S. dignitaries, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave the prince a fleece jacket, and book and a bronze commemorative medal.

The executive director of a nonprofit youth development program in Harlem gifted Prince Harry with Harlem RBI baseball shirt and two autographed baseballs, and the USA Swimming Team was excited about giving him a blue duffle bag, pair of swimming shorts, pair of swimming goggles, swimming cap, golf balls and two novelty key rings.

This is how it went pretty much everywhere the prince visited. When he left the country he made a stop in Australia, meeting with the commanding officer of the Australia Special Air Service Regiment. He apparently thought it befitting to gift the young prince some whiskey and a flask in which to carry his booze. Of course it should be mentioned that the flask was engraved. In addition he gave Prince Harry a pair of military goggles, pair of sunglasses, baseball cap, T-shirt, tie, two cup holders and a selection of photographs.

So what do you suppose the whiskey and the flask were all about? Was it a blatant statement saying Australians know how he spent some time partying in Vegas a year or so ago? Or was it simply as assumption that all Brits like their whiskey and keep it close to them always?

Regardless of the reason behind the unusual gift, Prince Harry has some funny stories about his travels to share with his friends and future generations of the monarchy for many years to come. They will all, without a doubt, want to visit Australia when roaming the globe after they hear Harry's tales.

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