Prince George: First Steps Precede First Birthday

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Prince George took his first steps just days before his first birthday. Kate Middleton and Prince William have shared a photo of the little prince with the media. Often dubbed 'the world's most stylish baby,' George is seen toddling in striped overall shorts and a navy blue polo shirt--not unlike American babies of the Osh Kosh B'Gosh era.

Prince William took his son to Coventry's War Memorial Park recently, during which Prince George showed off for others visiting the park that same day.

"I think George will be running faster than me very soon," he told a primary school teacher.

"George is charging around and opens doors" already, he told local Mavis Jarvis. She added that Prince William also called Prince George "lovely."

Despite being famous, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have insisted that Prince George will have "a normal upbringing." Vanity Fair editor Katie Nicholl says "they take George to playdates at the homes of friends."

Rumors about an impending brother or sister for Prince George are winding their way through the rumor mills. No one has either denied or confirmed a second pregnancy for Kate Middleton. Do you suppose she and Prince William would enjoy chasing two little ones around instead of just one?

Prince George will turn one year old this coming Tuesday, the 22nd of July. It will definitely be fun to learn how his famous family celebrates his milestone birthday. It seems the little prince has already done a bit of celebrating on his own by taking those adorable inaugural steps.

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