Price is Right: Sheree Heil Is Biggest Winner Ever

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A woman was in shock on Monday after becoming the biggest winner ever on  “The Price is Right”.  Shree Heil, is the new owner of a luxurious Audi R8 V8 Spyder Quattro S Tronic worth $157, 300. She won it while playing  "Gas Money" on the CBS daytime game show. In addition to that, she also won a pair of prada shoes worth $3, 045 as well as $10,000 cash.

Contestants in the Gas Money game are required to eliminate incorrect prices of a featured car and leave a correct price.  Each time an incorrect price is eliminated the contestant gets a cash prize. Contestants can then choose to walk away with cash prize already won or risk it all and continue with the game until all the wrong prices are eliminated. Sheree risked walking away with $8000... and it paid off.

As expected, Sheree was really excited about the victory as she jumped up and down at the show. Sheree currently drives a 2005 Toyota Corolla but will head back home to Tacoma, Washington with a significantly upgraded means of transportation. Sheree now beats the previous daytime record holder, Vickyann Sadowski who won a  $147, 517 in 2006. Though Sheree Heil may have been the biggest winner, all the other contestants won on Monday show as well.




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