Pregnant Nun Didn't Know She Was Pregnant


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31 year-old nun Roxana Rodriguez from the Little Disciples of Jesus convent in Rieti, Italy, received the shock of her life when she delivered a healthy baby boy, on Wednesday.

Apparently, Rodriguez did not know that she was expecting, and only realized she was when she started to feel intense stomach pains.

"I did not know I was pregnant. I only felt a stomach pain," she said. When the stomach pains became too much for her to bare, Rodriguez made her way to Camillo De Lellis hospital, where doctors informed her that she was pregnant, and would be delivering the baby very soon.

The question would a nun become pregnant when nuns are supposed to take vows of chastity and obedience? While Rodriguez suggests that it could have very well been immaculate conception, others aren't buying it. Did Rodriguez cave under pressure?

I guess we will never know for sure, but one thing is for sure, she will no longer be accepted back at the nunnery.

“It would be preferable that she now lead a secular life with her baby, away from religious institutions,” a spokesman for the local bishop said.

Rodriguez named her baby boy Francesco, which also happens to be the name of the current Pope and St. Francis of Assisi, the country’s national patron saint.

Image via Wikimedia Commons