Powerball Increases To $152 Million


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There was no winner in the January 22nd Powerball drawing and so the amount at stake for the next jackpot drawing has gone up. The annuity value of the January 25th drawing has climbed to $152 million. The one-time payout option would be worth $85.6 million (before taxes) should a lucky individual pick the winning numbers on Saturday.

When the Powerball climbs to over a hundred million, this is usually when the clamor begins, which means that each jackpot where there fails to see a winner will serve to only massively increase the money on the line for future drawings.

As for the previous drawing, though no one claimed the millions, three individuals came closer than anyone. Three Powerball tickets were sold in California, Indiana and New York that matched five numbers, but missed the Powerball. As each ticket is worth $1,000,000, it's hard to consider the near-miss a total bummer. This even as the million dollar tickets from the very jackpot where the Powerplay Multiplier was re-introduced. This meant the lucky winners could have doubled their winnings if they'd spent a single dollar more on the winning ticket. Oh well. It's doubtful they'll take time to care between all the backflips and moon-walking.

According to an announcement by Hoosier Lottery, there were four $10,000 Powerball tickets sold in Indiana, specifically in the cities of Yorktown, Elwood and Mishawaka and Bluffton.

Even though the Powerball jackpot is already over a hundred million, the Mega Millions hasn't gotten there yet. The next drawing will be Friday, January 24th and the jackpot value will be $62 million. The pre-taxes lump sum option will be $33.7 million.

When and where will the winning tickets be sold? Anyone's guess as always, but just as the last major jackpots occurred around Christmas, maybe it's in the cards that the jackpots will see winners around Valentines Day?

Image via ABC News Youtube