Portal 2 Mashes Into The Nightmare Before Christmas


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And the results are spectacular. Provided you can shake your gaze from the awesome Portal 2 socks leading this article, the upcoming video will be a great addition to your weekend. It also serves as another reason to be against the SOPA/PIPA/ACTA trinity.

Perhaps I'm beating a dead horse, but the video I'm teasing is really great stuff, and it's all from the mind of a creative YouTube user who goes by the name of Harry-UK. What Harry has done is mashed up the incredibly popular Portal 2 video game with the another fantastic piece of creativity, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The finished product -- This Is Aperture -- is the game's would-be rendition of the song, This is Halloween, which appeared in the Tim Burton's claymation movie. As indicated, the results are fantastic, and, judging by the amount of views the video has -- over 200,000 since it was posted on January 27 -- it's been well-received (14,012 likes versus 124 dislikes).

Another example of what happens when you pair a creative end-user with the powerful tools technology and the Internet provide, but yet, in an effort to hold on to a shifting money stream, the entertainment industry, backed by some of the most powerful governments on earth, is trying to enact measures that would essentially kill this kind of creativity. Again, all it would take is someone from Disney or Valve to complain, and boom, Harry's awesome creation is gone.

All in an effort to stamp out piracy.

Surely there are other ways to address this issue, although, according to this unfortunate report over at TorrentFreak, apparently not.

As for the video, Harry states he did all of the music and voices himself, which only enhances the final product, and again, judging by the amount of views This is Aperture the viral nature of the video is clear. It's been seen on a number of popular video game blogs like G4TV and Joystiq.