Porsha Stewart Admits Her Estranged Husband, Kordell Stewart is Gay?


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The season 6 premiere of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” definitely came in with a bang last night. New drama, legal battles, more gossip, fights brewing – the Atlanta housewives did not disappoint. But one, particular legal battle that stood out was the divorce war between Porsha Williams-Stewart and her estranged husband, retired NFL quarterback, Kordell Stewart.

Immediately following the RHOA reunion special for season 5, the reality TV star was ambushed when the former Pittsburgh Steeler filed for divorce. For those who don't understand the ambush in the divorce filings, here's the kicker: He didn't even tell her. She found out via Twitter, while sitting in the house with him.

When she confronted him, he just shrugged her off, and coolly confirmed that the news was true. So, you can definitely say it hasn't been all hugs and kisses in the Stewart household, and things actually got even more interesting when season 6 kicked off on Sunday night.


In a subtle manner, Williams and her mother hinted that Stewart's sexuality may not be all of what it seems. While speculation of his true sexual orientation has been on the rise since his football days, his wife began to raise even more eyebrows with her own observations and regards as well. The gay rumors may not be 'just rumors' if what she says is true.

During the episode, Williams met with her attorney to discuss the divorce proceedings. She said that due to the way Stewart chose to handle things with the divorce filings, she was thinking of opening up about things she had observed and heard during their marriage. However, she did have a quick change of heart, trying once again to reconcile before closing the door.

She stated that she wanted to issue him a short list of requests that she would like him to agree to in order for them to move toward more amicable terms. Of course, his pride and arrogance overshadowed the request and he had no qualms about shooting down her request.


So, she went in for the jugular, addressing the long-standing question of his sexuality. After their first initial deposition, she sat and vented with her mother and sister about the divorce. She stated that he even told the truth under oath, which revealed that he really had no definitive reason for a divorce. In so many words, she effectively said that the man isn't straight and that he only got married to cover himself, using her as a pawn to edify his masculinity.

“He explained it away [when I asked him about the gay rumor]. He tried to make me feel comfortable with it. I didn't question he was gay or not because someone said it. Any reasons that I questioned it were things that I had experienced or seen,” Porsha said. Her mother also went in for the kill revealing that Stewart only visited his wife in the hospital once after she suffered a miscarriage. She stated that his actions gave her a new perspective of him as a person. "This man's not a normal man," she said. "He wants a wife as an object."

According to UPI, Williams also stated another admission. “There were definitely times in the marriage that Kordell didn’t necessarily want me, physically, and that made me wonder, what does he want?” she also admitted at one point.

Based on everything that was said, it definitely sounds like she's questioned him herself outside of the rumors, due to questionable observations of her own. Her mother's observations also coincided. But, you know the old saying, “you see what you want to see.” It looks like it definitely applies here. But, we'll have to wait and tune in to the rest of the season to see how all the drama plays out.

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