Pluck 5.1 Goes Live, Adds Pinterest Integration

Social Media

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If you run a business or a successful brand, chances are you use social media to get the word out about newest products and offers. There are multiple services out there that help brands get the most out of social media. Facebook just recently announced its rebranded Preferred Marketing Developer program, but some brands may want help in marketing across all social networks. That's where Pluck comes in.

The Pluck team announced Thursday that version 5.1 is now available for developers and brands to get cracking on new marketing strategies. The most exciting new feature is of course native Pinterest integration. The social media site has proven to be extremely successful for businesses and now it's time to take advantage.

With that being said, Pluck's integration with Pinterest isn't anything major yet. There is now a "Pin It" button built into the Pluck photo and video widgets. If you want to see what it looks like, the Phoenix Suns have already built it into its fan page. There are other Pinterest integration plans in the pipeline for future updates.

Pluck has also updated its social bridging capabilities with a new interface. They feel that users will find it easier to share content with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Brands can now identify those people who share the most pages and fan content. Brands should pay attention to this so they know the people who are driving their brand forward. As any company will tell you, a brand can not market itself anymore. It takes the word of mouth from various people on social networking sites. With this new tool, it might be nice to reward your most faithful customers who share the most stuff.

Another new feature is the reputation engine. It adds gamification features to the social sharing aspect of Pluck's tools. Users are now rewarded with points or badges depending on how many links they share or how often they engage your content.

Pluck has also integrated new features into its social sign-on tool. This way people can still sign on via Facebook, but you can collect more data on your customers beyond what's shared from their Facebook profile.

As a side note to the updates, Pluck is continuing to make performance and adjustment improvements to its software. You should find the software to be faster and more stable than ever before.

Pluck makes a note of the core features being added to this release. They primarily focused on gamification and social syndication. These are proving to be some of the most important features when it comes to actively engaging your audience on social networking sites. Pluck 5.1 seems to get this idea down to a science.