PlayStation App Released For iOS, Android


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With only days to go before the release of the PlayStation 4 on Friday, Sony today released its companion mobile app for its upcoming console. The PlayStation App is now available for free through both Apple's App Store and Google Play.

The app was first previewed in a video Sony released previewing its vision for an inclusive PlayStation ecosystem that revolves around the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and mobile devices. It was then detailed and demoed back in September around the time of the Tokyo Game Show.

The PlayStation App allows PlayStation 4 gamers to keep up with their PlayStation 4 details while on-the-go. The app allows users to see what their PSN friends are playing and search through their profiles or easily send messages over the network in a chat interface. Trophies and recent friend activity can all be seen on the app, and all of these things, including game invitations and alerts, can be accessed quickly through a notifications bar.

The app will also be the software that enables gamers to take advantage of their tablet or smartphone as an interface device for games that support such functionality. Game manuals and the PlayStation Blog can also be viewed through the app.

More importantly for Sony, the PlayStation App provides full access to the PlayStation Store. Gamers will be able to purchase games and add-ons anywhere, then immediately push them to their PS4 console for download.