PlayStation 4 'Uncharted' Announced, Teaser Trailer Released


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The PlayStation 4 is now out, and gamers across the U.S. are now diving into games such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Resogun. Something that seems to be missing, though, is a game from Naughty Dog, the studio that has defined much of the PlayStaiton brand with games such as Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, and Jak and Daxter. Naughty Dog just released The Last of Us, meaning that it could be years before the studio makes the leap to PS4.

Last night at Sony's big PS4 launch event, Naughty Dog was one of the first studios to get screen time - and it wasn't wasted. Naughty Dog developers teased PlayStation gamers with a short preview of an Uncharted game for the PlayStation 4. Sure, the announcement was expected but fans of the Uncharted series will be glad that the beginning of the PS4 era won't be the end of the franchise.

The new game, which hasn't been named, was teased through a new trailer for the game. It features a voiceover from a mysterious voice and enigmatic map animations. Fans of the series might just be able to catch a few hints about the upcoming game by carefully studying the trailer.