Playstation 3 Might Be Getting Yet Another Redesign


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A Japanese website has uncovered a new filing by Sony with the FCC that shows a new model for the Playstation 3. The new model, titled CECH-4001 looks to be the same body style as the current Playstation Slim, or CECH-3000. The new version looks like it is yet another way for Sony to keep cashing in on the PS3 and to help its consumers by creating another version with even less moving parts. This means less things that can go wrong.

The Japanese blogger pointed out that the 3rd redesign of the Playstation 2 features a top-loading design and made the console look cheesy. It actually did make the console look cheaper when they went back to the design used for the Playstation 1. Speculation has it that the new design will be thinner, yet longer than the current Slim.

Some analysts are guessing that Sony is going to announce the redesign at this years Gamescom. I would bet money that at next years E3, when they announce the new Playstation, that they will simultaneously announce this and the massive hundred dollar plus price drop that is sure to come with it. The huge price drops on the PS2 over the years has led to massive amounts of profit for the 11 year old system still to this day.

Here is the CECH-3000 which is the current Slim:

Here is the new CECH-4001 which is the redesign: